Looking for Meatless Burgers in Halifax? Visit Lemon Dogs

Burgers are the most popular fast food item today. They’re delicious, available in different flavor combinations, and are healthier than some other fast food dishes. At Lemon Dogs, we’re a tiny canteen making meatless burgers with a variety of combinations made from carefully planned recipes.

The freshest ingredients

The quality of ingredients (plus great recpies!) dictates the quality of a burger. That’s why we source nearly all ingredients from reliable local producers with most of our produce coming from Alderney Market or locally owned distributors. Our vegetables and peppers come from local farms so they’re fresh. These fresh ingredients ensure we have some of the best veg burgers in Halifax.

Any time of the day

Burgers are filling but can also be light, so they can be enjoyed at any time of the day. For example, you can try a burger with our baby carrot side option if you want something light and flavourful for lunch. Our meatless patty will keep you full and energetic for hours thanks to Impossible Food’s nutrient packed soy-based patty. These dishes strike the right balance between being too rich and too light so you can have them at any time of the day.

Great options

We provide a wide range of options to our customers considering our tiny size! You can choose from a regular smashburger, a spicy smashburger, or a bacon ranch smashburger — all of which are available vegan and vegetarian! Every burger is assembled by hand with fresh sauces and veggies, so visit us today to enjoy the best meatless burgers around!

If you want delicious and fresh Halifax Burgers, visit us at Lemon Dogs in Shubie Park! You wont be disappointed.